How to Wear Out Your High Energy Child

If you have a high energy child like I do, you are always looking for ideas to burn some of that energy out of them. This can be difficult because a lot of times, they have way more energy than you do. We struggle with this in our home at times. Here are some tips and ideas that have worked for us.

Get Outside

Sometimes fresh air can do a world of good. For whatever reason, my son tends to get worn out much more quickly outdoors than when he is cooped up inside all day. In the spring and summer, we practically live outside. In the cooler months, we still try to get out whenever we can. We will take short walks if the weather isn’t too frigid. When there is snow, we bundle up really well and play out in the snow, or go sledding. 

Play With Bubbles

For whatever reason, kids seem to love bubbles. My son loses his mind when he sees bubbles. He will run and jump and chase them for hours. We actually bought a bubble machine for our yard, and we go through batteries for it like crazy because he loves it so much. All the bubble chasing tends to tire him out. This works wonders with a high energy child.

Get Wet

I don’t know if its the exertion from swimming or just the pure excitement of playing with water, but this is another thing that will help wear out your high energy child. Swimming is great exercise and a great way to burn some energy.

We live in Michigan, and in the summer months there is no shortage of places to swim. Lakes, ponds, pools…they are everywhere around us. Even in the winter months, we will frequently visit indoor pools with our son. 

If you don’t have easy access to swimming near you, something a simple as turning on a sprinkler or letting children play with the garden hose can also help them burn energy. 

Head to the Park

Parks and playgrounds are great for high energy children. They are usually reasonably safe, and there is plenty of room for kids to run, jump, and climb. This will also help drain the energy from your active child.

Go Running

This one may sound crazy, but this has been huge for us to help our high energy child get his energy out. My husband and son will go up to a school near our house and run on the track there. My child loves to run. He begs my husband to take him. He was running a mile at 2 years old, and would’ve kept going if my husband didn’t stop him. 

It is excellent exercise for both my husband and my son, and it helps my boy wear himself out and sleep better.


Whether its dance classes at an actual dance studio or just living room dance parties at home, this is a great way to help your high energy child. Dancing can be good exercise, and a lot of fun for children and parents. Maybe you have a little ballerina in the making. Maybe your child has zero rhythm like mine. Either way, if your child is bouncing off the walls, throw on your favorite music and rock it out.


As a boy mom, wrestling is a way of life. There is no avoiding it. But this is another great way to wear out your high energy child. My son is very physical. I am not exaggerating when I say the only time he is completely still is when he is asleep and even that is hit and miss. Rolling around on the floor or bed can be very effective in helping your child get the wiggles out.



I personally hate being tickled, but my son loves it. He will beg us to tickle him. This is right up there with wrestling the energy out. And the baby/toddler giggles are absolutely priceless. This is pretty much a nightly ritual before bed time to get the last little burst of energy out.

Go to Open Gym

Locally, we have a lot of gymnastics places that will offer classes, and even open gym hours for different age groups. There is a toddler one we go to on occasion and my son loves it. He gets to run and jump and play in a safe place with other kids. I love it because he takes the best naps afterward. 

Check Out an Indoor Play Place

There are way more cool indoor kids playgrounds now than when I was a child. Your high energy child will love them. They can climb, and run, and slide, and be as crazy as they want until they exhaust themselves. In the colder months, we frequent these places. It gives us an excuse to get out of the house, and allows my son to effectively wear himself out.

Ice Skating

This is an activity you can do with your high energy child. Ice skating can be a lot of fun, even if you’re clumsy like me. My son is 3 years old and learning to skate. We take lessons once a week that include a 30 minute practice session and a 30 minute class. By the time he gets off the ice, he is starving and exhausted. It helps him expend a ton of energy and we get to have fun together.



Sports are a great outlet for a high energy child. There are other benefits, too. Organized sports teams teach teamwork, responsibility, and so many skills. They are fun for children. You may have to try a few different sports to find the one your child enjoys, but it will be worth it.

If your child isn’t old enough to join a sports team, or maybe its not in your budget at this time, you can always head out and play with them. Play catch, kick a ball back and forth, shoot some hoops, whatever your child is into, and you can do it at your own home or a local park. Your child will expend lots of energy, and be grateful for the time spent with you.

Just Be Active

There are probably a million more things I can add to the list, but these are the favorites in our house. The key is to just be active. Play with your children, and try different activities to see what they enjoy and helps them get worn out. Anything you can find to help tire out your high energy child and get them sleeping like the proverbial baby is a mom win.

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13 Comments on “How to Wear Out Your High Energy Child”

  1. Our children need to move. This is such a great post on how to help them do just that. I love that you are paying attention to this and providing a means for your child to move. Of course we as parents have to stay fit as well don’t we.:)

    1. You are so right. Honestly, I have lupus and some days I am tired or hurting but my son keeps me active. And honestly that is better for me than sitting around (Like I probably would if I didn’t have him to chase around)

  2. Such great ideas. It feels like my son has a never ending amount of energy. I need to get us out to the park more, and indoor playgrounds during the summer (I live in Vegas so its too hot to play outside in the summer).

  3. Yes, yes, yes! My kids wake up at a 10 every day. Getting wet is a life saver it really wears them out. They also have outside toys and chalk that allows them to be creative and artistic while they are out of the house. These are great tips!

  4. Such great ideas!!! I 100% agree with getting outside! For whatever reason, I think babies/kids just love to be outside and it helps improve their mood so much. I really loved all your ideas!

  5. Having high energy children myself, I definitely agree with this post! Sometimes if we can’t make it out somewhere, we’ll have a dance party at home or they join me for yoga!

  6. I am not there yet- but I know there are a ton of open kid gyms around me that I plan on taking my twins to! Great list!

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