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My son has been a water baby since birth. He has always loved baths and showers, and going swimming in pools and lakes. There are plenty of opportunities in Michigan in the summertime. However, winter is a different story. My husband was looking for something to take our son to do one weekend, and he came across the website for the Warren Community Center in Warren, Michigan. They have an indoor pool, a lap pool, a lazy river, a kids water playground, and a waterslide. So we decided to check it out. We have been there several times now, and it is definitely a favorite for our whole family


5460 Arden, Warren, Michigan (Off of Mound Rd., South of 14 Mile Rd.)


The cost per day is $5 for residents of Warren or Sterling Heights, and $10 for non-residents

Things We Love

Family Locker Rooms

This is so convenient for families with small children or parents bringing children of the opposite sex to swim. The family locker room has a common area with lockers (must provide your own lock) and several separate stalls that include sink, toilet, and shower, with plenty of room for several family members to share the space.

Heated Pools

I am a huge baby about cold water, I honestly wont get in unless it is very warm. This place delivers on that front. The pool area is very well heated and the water is a perfect temperature, even for small children or giant babies like me. Even in the dead cold of winter, you will feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.


There are a ton of lifeguards on duty. Probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there are at least a dozen in the pool area. Let me tell you, they do not miss anything. I saw a child slip into a pool and the lifeguards had the child out of the water safe and sound before he even realized he fell in. I feel very safe with my 3 year old running around here.

Child Play Area

This is really cool. I wish I had something like this when I was a kid. Its a playscape complete with slides and ways to control the water spraying around. My son loves it. He has a blast and it wears him out. BIG plus in my book. Those lifeguards I talked about watch to make sure everyone is following the rules and being safe.

What to Bring

You will want to bring swim suits, towels, a lock for lockers, your ID (need it when you pay) and if you have small children, their floatation device of choice. There are life vests available I believe, but I prefer to have my own. Small children will typically wear a life vest or puddle jumper or something similar.

I highly recommend this if you enjoy swimming, if you have high energy children, if you just need to get out of the house, or just want a new place to try out with the family. Visit the website for more information, such as hours, swim lessons, or other pricing and events at https://www.cityofwarren.org/index.php/waterpark

  • Clean
  • Toddler Approved
  • Family Fun
  • Safety
  • Affordability
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