Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is coming quick! The internet is full of great ideas for gifts for the mom in your life. Everything from flowers, to keepsakes, to spa days and more. These are all wonderful ideas. However, what do you get for the mom who isn’t into those kind of things? Here are some unconventional Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom’s who aren’t into the usual things.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Photos

Mother's Day gift photo shoot
Photo shoots could make an awesome Mother’s Day gift for mom!

One thing many moms have in common is that we are always the ones taking photos. We are constantly snapping photos of our children and our families. The downfall to this is that we are rarely in those photos. We have all these beautiful memories captured, but we are nowhere to be found.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to get mom a family photo shoot, or even a mommy and me photo shoot? This way she will have some beautiful photos of her and her family. She will get to have pictures of her own memories to cherish for all time.


Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Outdoor Plants

flowers, plants, garden
Outdoor plants for a garden or flower bed might make a nice alternative to a bouquet.

Instead of the usual gift of flowers, maybe you could get mom something she can plant outdoors. For example, every year my own mother loves to landscape her house with beautiful flower beds. However, flowers can be quite expensive. Its become a tradition for me to get her a gift card to her favorite nursery every year and go with her to pick out flowers.

Last year, my husband surprised me with 3 plants for my yard. He got me a raspberry bush, a blueberry bush, and a blackberry bush. Now the backstory to this is that as a child, my grandmother always had berry bushes in her yard. As children, me and my cousins loved to go out and pick fresh berries for her. My son absolutely loves all berries, and I mentioned once to my husband that I’d love to give him those memories.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Store Memberships

Mother's Day store membership
Store memberships for mom could be a great gift!

Costco or Sam’s Club can be a life saver for moms. Being able to by certain things in bulk or for discounted prices can save a lot of trips to and from grocery stores. Last year, an Aunt surprised me with a membership to Sam’s Club. It may seem like a weird gift. Its certainly not your run of the mill present. However, the membership was just something I never splurged on for myself. Having that membership for the last year was wonderful. It saved me a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Unusual Gift Cards

unusual gift cards
Unusual gift cards make great interesting gifts

Gift cards for things like gas, or restaurants, or even the grocery store can be so helpful and useful for moms. I love the idea that for a period of time, I don’t have to worry about having money for gas, or groceries. The money usually budgeted for those types of expenses can then be used either for something I want, or to take my son to do a fun activity.

For example, my son loves McDonald’s French fries. He doesn’t get them all the time, but we do them as a special treat. However, I hate spending money on fast food. It just always seems like such a waste. For me, a gift card like that would be really cool because he could get his occasional treat and I can use that money to take him to play, or to splurge on something for myself for once.


Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Zoo Membership

zoo membership Mother's Day
Zoo memberships make a great outing for mom and her kiddos

This is another thing that I feel would make a really cool gift. A zoo membership is something I know I should probably splurge on but can never seem to justify spending the money to myself. My son loves to go to the zoo. I love taking him there. However, between all of his other activities, and our home renovations, I just always feel like the money could be better spent elsewhere, even though it isn’t all that much.

That is what would make this such a cool gift. The fact that it is something I’d love to have, but wont splurge on myself. It also gives me an excuse for more quality time with my son.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Home Store Gift Cards

Mother's Day Home decor
Home Decor makes a great gift for Mom

I mentioned how we are renovating our home. Well, we have been working on it constantly since we moved in several years ago. The work is almost done, and that means that soon I will FINALLY be able to decorate! I am super excited about this, but at the same time, I am dreading spending the money on home décor.

However, a gift card to stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or Ikea, or even Home Depot would be so useful to me. It would allow me to decorate my home and make it beautiful without all the guilt of spending money. If you know someone who is decorating or renovating, this may be the perfect unconventional gift for them this Mother’s Day.



Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliance Mother's Day
Kitchen appliances might be a good gift choice for moms who love to cook!

Okay, I know the old cliché about buying mom a blender or whatever. Its true that many moms may not enjoy this type of gift. However, some moms, like myself, would love it. Over the last couple of months, both my crock pot and my stand mixer have died on me. Now, since I am the one that does all the cooking and baking, I am lost without these items. For me, it would be a wonderful surprise to receive them as a Mother’s Day gift. Anything that makes life easier for mom is a huge win in my book.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Cleaning Items

cleaning Mother's Day
Cleaning supplies aren’t a great gift for every mom, but some might appreciate them

Again, the old cliché. Obviously, know your audience. However, as a stay-at-home mom and a work-at-home mom, things that make my daily tasks easier are always appreciated in my book. A brand new carpet cleaner to go with the brand new carpet being installed next week would be amazing! A second vacuum for the upper level of my home would be awesome because it would save me from dragging the vacuum up and down the stairs a million times a week. Heck, I’d even love a small hand held vacuum to help control the crumbs my toddler seems to spread everywhere when he eats. For me, make my daily life easier and I’ll love you forever.


Unconventional Mother's Day Gifts
Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts

Best Advice: Know Your Audience

When giving gifts, its important to know your audience. Think about the mom you are buying for this Mother’s Day. Would she appreciate a spa day? If so, that’s the way to go. Does she want breakfast in bed? Make it. Is she someone who doesn’t really enjoy pampering? If the answer is yes, then you may want to consider one of the unconventional Mother’s Day gifts mentioned above.

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Moms, what would be something unusual you’d like to receive this year? Or maybe something you’d like to get for your mother? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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  1. I love this. I wish more people would realize it doesn’t have to be jewelry, flowers, or candy for mother’s day. Something simple as a picture and a nice frame would be amazing. Great post.

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