The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Families

ultimate summer bucket list for families

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Families

The Ultimate Summer Bucket list: 50 fun things for the family to do this summer!

Summer is my all-time favorite season. Living in the mid-western United States, we have long miserably cold winters. Summer is a time to get outdoors and really have some fun. I have put together a list of 50 of the best ways to enjoy your summer with things to do as a family.

Get Outside

Soak Up the Sun (Safely! Always use sunscreen!)

Take Walks

Ride Bikes

Draw with Side Walk Chalk

Play in a Sandbox

Play Ball (Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, etc.)

Roller skate or Roller blade

Ride Power Wheels

Paint Rocks

Mow the Lawn

Plant something

Grow a Garden

Play in the Rain

Star Gaze

Take a Nature Walk

Pick Wildflowers

Find Lightening Bugs

Look for Crickets

Find Butterflies

Go to a Park





Play Tag

Play Hide and Seek

Make a New Friend

Go Swimming

Visit a Splash Pad

Play with Water Balloons

Splash in a Water Table

Play with Bubbles

Go to a Water Slide

Play with Squirt Guns

Run through a Sprinkler

Play with the Hose

Wash the Cars

Watch Fireworks

Visit the Beach

Build a Sandcastle

Go Camping

Make a Campfire

Roast Marshmallows

Have a Picnic

Attend an Outdoor Festival

Take a Day Trip

Go Fishing

Go Out on a Boat

Take a Zoo Trip

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That’s my list. Lots of outdoors, nature, water, and sunshine. These are all things we miss out on for a good portion of the year due to poor weather. Summer is the time for us to take advantage of all the wonderful outdoor activities. I am sure there are some things I have missed. What are your favorite summer activities for families? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments. Please share!

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13 Comments on “The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Families”

  1. What a great list of fun family activities! Growing up in the South, we used to beat the heat by going on cave tours. A weird but totally exciting activity for little kids with big imaginations!

  2. Bubbles are ALWAYS a hit with kids. I use them to turn any activity into something a little more fun. My kids love cleaning their rooms if I come and blow bubbles for them to celebrate making progress. Definitely will be spending some time having bubble fun this summer. Hoping to try the recipe for giant bubbles!

  3. I love this, my son is a little too young for this just yet but I’ll be pinning for next year! Thank you!

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