The Joy of Mom to Mom Sales

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Mom to Mom sales. Have you ever been to one? Mom confession: I haven’t. Well, at least I hadn’t until recently. I always wanted to go but always found some excuse not to. Either I didn’t have the time, or the money, or I didn’t have anyone to go with me. Let me tell you, I am thrilled that my best friend Ramona talked me into going with her to one. I got a ton of stuff and spent under $50. I call that a #momwin for sure! Let me share with you the joy of mom to mom sales, and some tips to help score the best deals!

What is a Mom to Mom Sale?

Mom to Mom sales are exactly what they sound like. Moms buy tables at an establishment to sell their used (or sometimes new) baby and kids gear. You can find clothing in all sizes, toys, maternity clothes, baby gear…you name it, and you may find it. Think of a giant garage sale, but with only mom and children stuff. And everything is amazingly priced to sell. These sales are typically held in schools or churches or other large buildings. They get crowded, but its worth it to get a ton of loot for your kids for an eighth of the cost you’d pay at a retail store.

Mom to Mom Sales: Tips & Tricks


Go Early

Its important to go early to mom to mom sales. Big ticket items will go quickly, so the earlier you get there, the better your chance is of scoring a great deal on some loot. Always check the times of the sale. Some will offer early bird entrance for a slightly higher price (like a dollar or so more).


Have a Plan

When Ramona and I went, we had a game plan set up the day before. We figured out what time to meet up and where. We also discussed the things we were looking for and came up with a plan for making sure we had the best chance to get what we needed.


Make a List

Having a list is an awesome way to make sure you get the most out of a mom to mom sale. Whether its a mental list or a physical list, make sure you know going in exactly what you are hoping to find. These sales can be overwhelming, especially the larger ones.

Bring a Big Empty Bag

Bring a big bag. BIG! Make sure it is empty, because chances are good you will fill it. I emptied out an old large diaper bag for the mom to mom sale I attended, and it was seriously overflowing by the time I left.

Bring More Cash than You Think You’ll Need

You want to make sure you have cash with you. Again, this is a rummage sale format, not a retail store, so your debit or credit card wont be of much use. If you think you will spend $20, bring $40. If you think you will spend around $50, bring $80. Seriously. You may have certain things you are looking for, but you may end up finding even more for a deal too great to pass up. Its better to have the cash in your pocket just in case than to miss out on something and regret it.

Get Big Ticket Items First

Big Ticket items tend to go quickly. Big Ticket items are typically things like baby gear, strollers, car seats, swings, cribs, bassinets, large children’s toys, outdoor toys, etc. Basically larger items will be in a special section designated for these items. The prices are usually really good, so these things get snatched up quick. If you have larger items on your list, head to this section first. You can always take large items you purchase out to your car and return to the sale.


Do a Walk-Through

Another thing I suggest when you go to a mom to mom sale is to do a quick walk-through. Walk down the aisles and peek at the tables and what each is offering. For example, if you have all boys, you can skip any table offering only girl clothing. If you are looking for a specific size, you can scout out which tables have it and which do not. It will save you time. I was looking for boys clothing in a size 4T and the particular sale I was at only had a handful of tables with that size.

Take Your Time

After your initial walk-through, go back to the beginning and take your time. Go through the tables that interest you or had things you were looking for. Don’t rush because you will end up missing out on some seriously hidden gems. In fact, when we went, we went through once to get the items on our list, and then went through again looking for any little extras we could find.

Talk to the Sellers

I found it was helpful to talk to the sellers. I was looking for a size that at this sale was hard to find. By talking to the sellers, sometimes they would direct me to a larger size of clothing that runs a little small. Some of the sellers even warned me that the things in the correct size ran small and probably wouldn’t be a good fit for my tall toddler.


Make an Offer

If you find a handful of items you are interested in at a table, make the seller an offer. Many times, you will get a better deal this way. For example, I found 3 jackets for my son from one seller. They were priced individually and I would have paid $20 total. I offered the seller $15 total for all 3 and they took it. I saved myself $5 just by asking. Never be afraid to ask, because the worst someone can say is “no”. Most people want to sell their items and not have to cart them all back home, so its a good gamble to take.

Ignore Professional Vendors

Sometimes you will see professional vendors with tables at mom to mom sales. These are the MLM sellers. You know the ones. They sell makeup, or skin care, or bags, or leggings, or whatever the latest hot item is. Bypass these vendors. The discounts aren’t usually worth it, and most of us know someone who sells whatever the item is anyway. Many times these vendors aren’t even so interested in selling their product. They are more focused on growing their “business team” and that can tie you up in a long sales pitch. Just keep moving.

Know the Value of Items

Its really important at mom to mom sales to know the value of the items you are looking for. You want to make sure you are getting a good deal. You certainly don’t want to pay retail price for an item that is used. Another thing that we came across was that an item Ramona purchased was on a recall and wasn’t even sold anymore in the U.S. because of child injury and deaths that had occurred. EEK!




Are the Deals Worth It?

Yes. I was skeptical when it came to mom to mom sales, but now I am a believer. As a stay-at-home mom, I have become very frugal. Spending money on non-essential items gives me anxiety. Going into the mom to mom sale, I wasn’t sure I would find good enough deals to be able to justify spending the money to myself. But I walked away with SO MUCH for my son, and I only spent $43 total. Here’s the breakdown of my score:

1 Polo Shirt
1 Long Sleeved Button Down

2 Short Sleeved Button Downs
1 Pair Black Pants (NWT)

1 Pair Jeans
2 Short Sleeved T-Shirts

1 Long Sleeved T-Shirt
2 Sweaters
3 Pairs of Shorts
2 Adidas Zip Up Jackets
1 Nike Zip Up Jacket
A Plastic Toy Boat 
1 Dr. Suess Book
1 Wipe and Reuse Coloring Mat


Ramona spent around $140

Pictured Items Total $90
Plus Not Pictured: Baby Swing

The Reviews Are In!

Mom to mom sales are a great resource for frugal moms. Everything we purchase was in like-new condition, or new-with-tags, and we saved a bundle! I even got brand name clothing for my son and I never buy name brand anything. Personally, I can’t justify spending the money on toddler and baby clothes that will be out-grown or demolished in a matter of months. I highly recommend checking out mom to mom sales. Ramona and I are already looking forward to the next one. My son’s ready for summer gear, but next time, I will shop around for the next sizes up. At this point, I cant justify NOT going to these sales!

mom-to-mom sales, frugal, frugal living, saving money, parenting, shopping

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  1. This is so brilliant! How have I never heard of this?! I’ve been obsessed with buying/selling things for our LO on Poshmark and local Facebook pages, but this sounds super cool!

  2. Great tips!!!! I have been obsessed with going to a frugal child store near my home, that even my husband loves too!!! I think I even went to a mom to mom sale at a church near my work. Looking forward to the Spring and Summer to find the latest deals!!!

  3. I LOVED Mom to Mom sales when my kids were littles! They’re 8 and 10 now, and it seems like I never can find as much in “big kid” sizes. These are excellent tips!

  4. These are great tips on mom to Mom sales…can’t wait to try them out. Glad you mentioned to bring more money…I usually find something I didn’t know I needed!

  5. These have just started to get super popular in my area! A lot of my FB friends have begun to get involved. We take a pretty minimalist approach, so I don’t have much to sell. In the future, I may do this when we are done having children. Awesome post!

  6. Such a brilliant approach to have a frugal lifestyle…it’s not just for moms but everyone should take an interest in saving money by your excellent tips…Will definitely try them.

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