The Hardest Part of Parenting

Parenting is hard. Anyone who wants to argue that is guaranteed NOT a parent. The interesting thing about parenting is that it can be hard in so many different ways. What is the hardest part of parenting? It differs for everybody. I decided to ask some fellow parents what the hardest part of parenting is for them. Hopefully, their answers will offer insight and support to parents-to-be or parents that are struggling. Here are the answers I got.

The Hardest Part of Parenting

Kristi Horstmann @  Sunshine & Ivy

The hardest part about parenting for me is finding a work/life balance. So badly, I want to be at all of my kids parties, events, and school trips. However, getting the time off of work isn’t always easy. I want to be a hands on mom, but our lifestyle doesn’t afford me to stay home. I harbor a lot of working mom guilt knowing that I can’t always be there when they want me to be.

Work / Life Balance can be hard when you're a parent
Work / Life Balance can be hard when you’re a parent
Jo and Leisa @

We are twin bloggers and our kids are in their teenage years now. They have always been good kids and never made us overly anxious or nervous. As they get older however (they are now 19 and 17), we are really nervous about the bigger decisions they will have to make life lifetime partners, careers etc. As we also get older, believe it or not, we are wondering about the decisions that they will make for us when we longer can. Can you imagine? We are up thinking at nights whether they will let us live in their homes with their families, or whether they will put us in a home for the elderly etc. It’s not easy you know! So I guess we better be treating them right !

Things to remember as your children become adults
Things to remember as your children become adults



Alex Bereniski @ Cultivating Kids and Chaos

Having kids is hard. Living with them is difficult. But life with teens is even worse, especially when they are headstrong, independent, sarcastic, smart-ass, know-it-all girls. Life goes on. Drink your alcohol, wear your headphones, hit the punching bag, and eat some chocolate. In time it all will pass…hopefully.

Teenagers...especially Teenage Girls!
Teenagers…especially Teenage Girls!
Michelle @

I struggle when conflicts emerge between my 2-year-old and another kid. If my kid is the aggressor (snatching toys, hitting, pushing) I step in and correct the behavior. Thankfully most parents do the same, but not all do, sometimes because they aren’t paying attention. When this happens I remove my child and explain to her that the other kid was behaving inappropriately. But then what? Is it up to me to correct the other child? Or should I approach the parent? Or just let it go? And what if it happens again? I wish I was more confident about how to approach this situation.

Conflict between children can be a tough situation to handle
Conflict between children can be a tough situation to handle


Arthur Vaughn @ Inclusive

“I worry about toxic people (“Toxic relationships are ones in which someone’s own negative behavior can cause emotional damage or contaminate the way a child sees himself or herself.”) My son’s 1st teacher caused him to lose his confidence, he was sad all the time. Not his happy goofy self at all. Luckily his next teacher made it her goal to get him back, and she did.”

Toxic people can cause big problems, especially for children who don't know how to deal with them
Toxic people can cause big problems, especially for children who don’t know how to deal with them



Allie @ Live Love Mess

For me, the hardest part about parenting is trying squeeze all the household duties into a two hour nap time each day. I feel like I’m always playing catch-up and won’t ever be ahead. It’s near impossible to clean or work when my daughter is awake because she’s into everything right now, so during her awake hours we play, which I love. A messy house is just normal for us now

Samantha @

For me, it’s time management. Currently, I am a stay at home mom to my 2 year old. I actually stopped working because it was too much and I didn’t have enough time. I told my husband, “Oh yes, I will get all the cleaning done during the day and we will have all night and weekend to relax!” That lasted about 2 weeks and I was exhausted! My daughter is getting even more demanding in her terrible 2’s and needs my constant attention. That means even less time to get the things done I want!

Cleaning! Nap time is never long enough!
Cleaning! Nap time is never long enough!


Kam Smith @

I think the hardest part of parenting is staying patient with the selective hearing haha. Like for real… how many times do I have to tell you to not chase the cat, please don’t pick your boogers, or stop kicking the seat in front of you on the airplane? I know you hear me, little dude! But then your “I’m sorry for not listening, Mommy” makes up for it… sometimes :).

 Melissa Uhles @

I wanna say everything about it is hard! But the hardest part of parenting for me right now is having to repeat myself constantly and the follow through with consequences. It can be exhausting feeling like a nag all the time. At some point I will have to give the control freak part of me a rest but for now I remind my kid to brush his teeth twice a day so he doesn’t have to get another cavity filled. Getting quiet personal space to myself has always been a challenge too, but I’ve been working on teaching my son the importance of boundaries. We’re getting there!

Emily @

I am a mom of 2, ages 1 & 3. I have been a working mom, a stay at home mom, and now a work at home mom. All three are tough and rewarding. The hardest part of parenting for me is being the calm to their storm. My daughter recently turned 3 and I swear at 3 the emotions are at full extremes. She is either super excited and loving life or having an epic meltdown and there is no in-between. My son is 18 months old and the same is true at this age because he knows exactly what he wants to tell us, but lacks the vocabulary. So when it is 8 am and we are on meltdown #3 about the color of our sippy cup, it is HARD as a momma to be that calm to their storm, because by this time it is Momma who is ready to have epic meltdown #4.

Patience is key in parenting, but it isn't easy! Especially with the "selective listening"
Patience is key in parenting, but it isn’t easy! Especially with the “selective listening”



Rose @ Our House of Love

Parenting is a tough gig. As a mum of three little girls, the thing I struggle with the most is making time for myself. I have to be super organized and make sure I stick to my plan most days to have enough time left for myself! Most days I can pull it off, but others, not so much.

When you’re constantly at the beck and call of other people it is very easy to forget to attend to your own needs. I’m not just talking about basic needs and activities of daily living. I’m talking about needs that fulfill your desire to be stimulated (academically, professionally, creatively). The desire to have a project of your own that is not about washing, cooking and transporting children each way of the compass!

I love my kiddos, don’t misunderstand me, and I would never have it any other way. But I do miss working on something other than domestic bliss…

Dr. Nadia  @ The Mindful MD Mom

I would say making time for self care and recognizing when you (or partner) are getting burned out and need to take that time for self care

Self-care is important, but can be hard to come by when you're a parent
Self-care is important, but can be hard to come by when you’re a parent


Shahana Craig Norton @

For me, it’s living with bipolar and the guilt it brings when i can’t do much of anything to help with the kids. That and worrying about what mental disorders my kids will inherit from me because of it.

We all worry about passing on health issues to our children, but with mental illness, the worry is doubled because of the unfair stigma around it
We all worry about passing on health issues to our children, but with mental illness, the worry is doubled because of the unfair stigma around it


Shannon Lambert @

Sleep deprivation!! It messes with your brain! Makes you do and be things you wouldn’t normally do!! I have six boys and the last three NEVER slept. Those were some brutal days! I think, looking back, I was one nap away from insanity!!!

Sleep Deprivation is HARD!
Sleep Deprivation is HARD!



Haley @

Not accidentally taking my anger and frustration with other people out on him. As in yelling more frequently, having to walk away and catch myself more and remembering he’s only a baby. He doesn’t understand yet.

Taking your frustration out on your children! It happens to the best of us sometimes. We yell, when we don't mean to, or when it isn't their fault
Taking your frustration out on your children! It happens to the best of us sometimes. We yell, when we don’t mean to, or when it isn’t their fault



Jenny Welsh @

One day, I will look back and be grateful to have had a strong willed and independent child, but right now I am tired! My son is hilarious, social and fun to hang out with. He is also stubborn and the very definition of “three-nager.”

Every day is a series of questions and self-doubt as a behavior modification method that worked yesterday suddenly doesn’t work today. Should I have disciplined in that moment or shown grace? Does he need a timeout or a hug? When I let him wear the same tee shirt and snow boots for three days in a row did I set myself up for failure if I ever want him to wear something different in the future?

It’s challenging not to become absorbed by this kind of second guessing. While there are moments when I am so frustrated that I have to just throw my hands up and laugh, most of the time I’m actually really proud of the little guy. He is honest and tough, and he’s making me a stronger mama one meltdown at a time.

Amandela Harris @

The hardest part of parenting is the feeling that you are not doing enough. So many things influence our kids and their main influence should be their parents. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day and mom and dad have to work to keep housing and food in supply for the family. And so, essentially parents are doing everything they can to make sure their child’s needs are fulfilled. However, sometimes this causes parents to miss out on other opportunities with their kid. That’s my life in a few words and I wonder if it gets any easier.

Self-doubt and Second-guessing is no joke when you're a parent
Self-doubt and Second-guessing is no joke when you’re a parent


Rose @

Y’know that feeling when you are just exasperated with your kids but now they are all in bed?  Relief.  Then comes the knocking on the door.  Ok, fine.  Get up, tend to their needs.  Start to settle back into your book, movie or Instagram feed and there’s another knock.  Yep… accepting that mom’s never have a true clocking out, time off, vacation or any such thing, that’s the hardest part of motherhood.  That’s why my blog centers around encouraging moms.

Parents are NEVER off the clock!
Parents are NEVER off the clock!



Lisa @ Me and My Mom Friends

There are so many hard parts. It seems it is always changing for me. When my son was a baby, I would say the sleep deprivation was the worst. Everyone knows that newborns don’t sleep. What they don’t tell you is that older infants don’t sleep either.

When my son first started walking, the answer to this would have been the constant worry about injury. He was always toppling over, bumping his head, or getting into things.

Now, my son is 3. My answer has changed again. Now the hardest part of parenting is not laughing when he says a bad word or something inappropriate! Kidding! (Not really kidding, it happens more than I’d like to admit. Honestly though, the hardest part now is starting to let him go. It is difficult to realize he no longer needs me as much as he did.  He still needs me, and will for a long time, but not like he used to. He used to need me for everything. Now, he is very independent. He will get his own snacks, and wants to do things himself. He wants to play with other children instead of mom. THAT is the hardest part for me right now.

Letting go and allowing independence for your child is so hard as a parent!
Letting go and allowing independence for your child is so hard as a parent!


So what is the hardest part of being a parent for you? Let me know in the comments below!

The Hardest Part of Parenting
The Hardest Part of Parenting


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20 Comments on “The Hardest Part of Parenting”

  1. Such a great compilation. Thanks for sharing! It makes me realize that as much as we have differences in our families, we share many of the same worries/thoughts as being a mother. I definitely feel the mom guilt.

  2. I honestly have to say the hardest part about parenting would be the fear of messing up. Messing up with raising them correctly. Messing up giving them meds. Messing up with discipline. Messing up with not making them eat what they do not like. I could keep going. Messing up is what I feel is hard about parenting. Great post!

  3. Love this! It helps to know we are not alone. I especially commiserated with the taking out my frustrations on the kiddos and yelling at them when all they did was something really small and it was just the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” Balancing work life balance is also something that hits close to home. This was a great article with everyone’s inputs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is such an amazing post! Its so nice to hear that you are not alone and people are going through the same thing! This post is going to be helpful to so many parents!

  5. I agree with Lacey, my biggest concern is to raise my kid in the best way possible! I’m a stay home mom, so basically to raise my baby is my never ending job! Sometimes is very tough, I don’t have any kind of help here (my parents and my sister live in Italy)…But it’s also very rewarding! I loved your post!

  6. The hardest part of parenting for me is being torn between my gorgeous kiddos and the work I love to do, if only I could split myself in half 😉 Rose @ Our House of Love

  7. This is so great and there is something here that connects to everyone with kids. I always worry about interactions my child has with other children too and those parents that aren’t paying attention. It’s tricky – do you parent the other person’s child? I also have a hard time putting up with people smoking around my children, for instance at a park – but I don’t want to be in conflict with strangers all the time… so I don’t say anything. I’m pretty lucky with my little lady and although she is very spirited, she has a kind heart which I think will take her far in life. I just hope she learns to protect it without missing out on wonderful opportunities.

  8. Wow- this is such a great post! These answers were so true and so honest. Finding work life balance and avoid toxic people are definitely two of the highest contenders on my list of the hardest part of parenthood!

  9. So much wisdom in these snippets! It is interesting to see how the “hard parts” change as the ages of the children change. As a mom of a teenager and preteen, the current hardest part of parenting is coaching our girls to apply lessons they’ve learned to their lives. This requires questioning to get them to think: What do you think would work? How can I help you? What are you trying to achieve? If you say “yes” to this, what are you saying “no” to?

  10. Oh I so relate to sooo many of these!! The toughest parts for me is trying to teach common sense to a teenage boy – which I believe is impossible. I worry so much about him and even more so now that he just turned 16 and will be getting his driver’s license. It’s been a hair losing experience just teaching him how to drive. How am I going to trust him to take my car by himself??!! Ugh!

  11. What a great compilation. The hardest part is different for different people and different personalities. It’s great to hear other people’s perspectives.

  12. Mine are 19 and 21 and the hardest part is letting my little butterflies fly away in the world. I miss the toddler days, the kids days, and yes, even the teen years. Time goes by way too fast <3

  13. Everyone has a unique experience of parenting.. Truly it’s a roller coaster ride! U hv ur own ups n downs but ultimately it’s fun to raise a cutie pie kid! ☺️

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