Sledding Hills – Stoney Creek Metro Park

Winter time! What a magical time in Michigan. Lately it’s been a blur of sub-zero temperatures and stir crazy kiddos. I know a lot of moms who were anxious for school to start back up after the holiday break. Just in case the temperature ever reaches my age again this winter, I figured I’d share a nice place for sledding.


Before the temperature decided to see how low it could go this year, we had the opportunity to take my son (age 3) sledding. We drove out to Stoney Creek Metro Park.


My son son had a blast! The Hill was a good size. Not so big that it was scary, and not too small that it was boring. Another bonus was that it wasn’t super crowded when we were there (late morning) though it started getting a little busier as we were leaving (early afternoon).  So if we every get a break from the deep freeze and you need to burn some energy out of the kiddos, I recommend checking it out. Bundle up and prepare to have some fun!

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