Real Mom Confessions About Kids, Parenting, and Being a Mom

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Being a mom can be difficult, and sometimes you have to improvise just to survive with your sanity intact. One thing most moms have in common is the fact that we all have little secrets, corners we cut, and things we do in order to get through the day sometimes. Sometimes its helpful to share these little things with other moms so we know we aren’t alone, and so others know they are completely normal. There are no bad moms here. Below are some confessions from real moms on what they do to make their lives a little easier.

Confession from Jennifer C.

Last week my husband wanted to try Bad Brad’s BBQ, but our daughter ALWAYS wants Big Boy. I got on my phone and pretended to call Big Boy to ask if they were open that day. It just so happens, they were “closed”.

Confessions from Karen @

I have given my 18 month old candy at 5:30 in the morning so I didn’t have to hear her cry that early in the morning.

I have told them, while I’m eating a sweet treat, that they can’t have it or it’ll give them the poopies.

While pregnant I did hide in the pantry eating goodies while my 4 year old was trying to find me.

Confessions from Brendan’s mom:

He eats candy for breakfast probably 3 days a week because #pickyourbattles (he also gets a waffle to accompany the sugar).

He gets a toy every time he comes to the store with me (not often) but it’s to help keep him occupied and good.


Confession from Kim G. R.

When Shelbi was 6, and we moved from AZ to Florida, I told her we couldn’t get Radio Disney on the car radio anymore. Bad Mom.

Confession from Christene M.

Every week when I go grocery shopping I leave the kids at home with hubby and treat my self. It can be lunch or eating ice cream at McDonalds. Just a little alone time to keep me sane

Confessions from Lisa @

Sometimes Doritos are breakfast in my house, because I have neither the energy to cook, nor the desire to fight with my toddler about it

I have been known to hide in the pantry closet and eat a candy bar so I don’t have to share with my toddler.

I lie to my 3 year old about what time it is to get him to do things like take naps or go to bed.

One day recently, the weather was really mild outside (around 50 degrees which is unusual for January in Michigan) and I lied and told my son that it was really cold outside because I had a lot to get done around the house and didn’t feel like going outside.

Confession from Veronica L.

In the morning I let my kids roam the house and play in the toy room while i lay in bed and get an extra 45 mins of sleep or relaxing. Our house is kid proofed so I know they wont get into anything lol and not to open the door plus i can still hear them.

Confessions from Jo @

When my boys were little, I used to slowly phase out their socks (as they always couldn’t find the odd ones) and buy just packs of black socks. Sock problems solved.

I bought a pack of belts that were kept in my room  because they used to hide them and claim they didn’t know where they were. That ended the frustrations of being late getting ready to get out of the house. The ‘found’ belts were then also held in my closet.

When my oldest was a baby, he didn’t like eating at all, but he would drink anything from a bottle, so I put even blended vegetable soup that was slightly sweeteed in his bottle, and he was happy.

Confessions from Leisa @

My daughter wasn’t allowed anything sweet like candies etc until she was almost 5 years old! Now, she is making up for it at 17 years old.

My daughter didn’t like to eat cookies from the pack if they were broken! We managed to convince her that the broken ones were nicer.

Confession from Amber L.

Sometimes I am not truthful about what time I left work. Then I can just sit in the car of the parking lot of work and watch Netflix or read a book. Alone, pretending there is nothing I HAVE to do, for those amazing 20 minutes.

Confession from Elizabeth S.

I have thrown away or donated annoying toys or ones I didn’t like that the girls had and pretended I didn’t know what happened to them. I’m a bad person.

Confession from Evie M.

I throw away toys left in weird places they shouldn’t be. The kids are in the double digits. Put your shit away or I’ll file it away. That being said they won’t realize it’s missing for another 6mo.

Confession from Ramona B.

I have cut up snacks for my toddler to make sure he has something to eat and then slept on the floor while he was playing next to me.

Confessions from Samantha K.

We tell our 3 yo that the ice cream man is really the dentist…..oops!

We also tell him that his favorite tv or movie characters have gone to sleep for the night so we can get him ready for bed.

Confessions from Sarah B.

I tell my 2.5 year old that the iPad is not working all the time because he always wants to play on it (we’ve only given it to him occasionally when we need a break from his whining or need to occupy him for a minute). He now wakes up in the morning and will say, “iPad no working.”  before I’ve even said anything. Haha!

When my husband is home from work or on weekends I will also pull a “man” trip to the bathroom. If my husband can go sit in the bathroom for 45 minutes “pooping” and playing on his phone, so can I. Now I don’t actually use the toilet on these trips, but I sit in the bathroom and scroll FB or Instagram without a toddler or infant needing my attention.

Confession from Stephanie T.

Phones games and videos don’t work in the car. (AKA – Mom isn’t paying for more data for you to watch that annoying thing for the 30 millionth time)

Confession from Leigh Jamie

I con my kids to get ready in the morning with Tim Bits from Tim Horton’s. You’ll never see them move faster.

Confession from Shannon Q.

He always wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I tell him it’s closed because kids broke the toys and they are being fixed. It will be open another day. #badmom

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  1. I’m glad I’m not alone. We are about to have our second child (due 3/8/18). My daughter (she’s 5) was just outside playing and not making good choices. It gets to a point where you just don’t want to beat a dead horse anymore. I texted my husband and told him and then said “Darwin says let her learn.” Lol.

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