Real Mom Confessions Volume 2 About Kids, Parenting, and Being a Mom

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Ask and you shall receive, ladies! You loved the first addition of Mom Confessions so much, you wanted more. Back by popular demand, Me and My Mom Friends presents:

Mom Confessions 2

Confession from Sara C.

We told our 3 year old that he is allergic to soda. He can’t drink it cause it would hurt his tummy and make him feel icky. He hasn’t touched the stuff.

Confession from Kayla W.

I got one for you. I send the kids to my grandma’s house because “I have a friend’s birthday party”, but really I just go home and do absolutely nothing.

Confession from A.T

Sometimes I let my 6 year watch videos on you tube for hours at a time just so I can catch a break, clean and go to the bathroom in peace!! It’s so bad, but so peaceful for my brain!!

Confession from Edina I.

So one day we came home from dance/gymnastics class and I was just done with the day. I was exhausted so I got some frozen pancakes and waffles out, put it in the microwave, added syrup and whip cream, and said here is dinner. My kids were on such a sugar high that they couldn’t fall asleep until past midnight. The next morning, I called in sick at school and they all stayed home.

Confession from Amanda L.

I take the long way home so that I can have some “me time” before I get home. I get to listen to my music or nothing at all without screaming in the background or having to hook up my phone so they have Netflix in the car.

Confession from Natalie @

I love my daughter, but I don’t always love being a mom. I work from home and we are ALWAYS together. When I went away on an overnight trip with my husband a couple weeks ago and everyone told us, “You are going to miss her so much!” Honestly, I didn’t. I’m sure I would have if I’d been gone longer than 24 hours, but I really enjoyed just being a young married couple for a day.

Yesterday my daughter threw Cheerios on the floor. I picked them up and put them back on her plate. I haven’t vacuumed in a week and who knows what those Cheerios touched!

Confession from Christene M.

I tell my little kids (5 and 6) that all meat for dinner is steak so they will eat it.

Confession from Brandi Michel @
Though it would save me valuable time, I don’t order my groceries online because meandering through the grocery after I drop my kids to school is the only time I have to be alone and away from my computer at the same time!
Confession from Mallory F.
One day last week it was extra snowy and cold and I didn’t want to go out in it so I didn’t wake my daughter up for school. When she woke up I lied and said I felt her head when I went to wake her up and thought she felt warm so I kept her home just in case.
Confession from LaWann M. @
Here is my funny mom confession: When my kids complain about being bored or they misbehave/argue, I always ask them “Do you want to go the people’s house?” They ask “what people?” and my response is always the people’s house. Then I say “you know the people. we’re going to the people’s house.” and they keep asking “what people?”
This goes round and round until finally, I grab my stuff and say “come on we’re going to the people’s house”. They completely freak out! It’s hilarious because they really keep trying to figure out who the people are and where they live.
My family and I have been using this for years from the youngest to oldest child and every time it gets them.They completely forget about being bored or arguing.
Confession from Stella N. @
So, my hubby travels a lot for work and I’m so exhausted by dinner time that I have my 4year old take a bath with the 8year old. And half the time I don’t make them wash their hair. We have 3 girls, so that means I have to fix 4 females’ hair every morning, plus brush it all out again at night. So if they don’t wash it a few nights a week, I just look the other way so I don’t have to brush tangles and knots out every. single. night.
I’m made to feel better about this because my neighbor recently sent me an article from the American Dermatological Association saying that kids only need to wash their hair like 2x a week, lol! Score!!
Confession from Laura @
I make up words to match the pictures in my kids picture books.  They are just too freaking long. Ain’t no mama got time for that.
Confession from Rosalie C.
When my kids where babies, I didn’t stop them when they tried tasting dirt. Didn’t think getting bit was worth the fight.
Confession from Michelle D @
I’ve been known to blame my kid when I fart in public. Why not? I let one fly then say sweetly “did you poopie?” No one gets hurt and I save face as I crop dust the canned food aisle. Recently I’ve been working with my 2 year old on manners. When she burps or farts I’ll say “Excuse you!”. I can see how I’m sending mixed messages here. My kid recently got even with me, though. While standing in the chapel foyer after church a few weeks ago, my kid ripped a loud frat boy fart. That one seriously bounced off the walls and echoed through the foyer. She looked up at me and said “Excuse you, Mama!” In church, y’all. And I totally deserved it.


Confession from Melissa, Writer at Pen and Parent

My mom confession: Sometimes I fear I’m too honest when I answer my eight year old’s questions. I worry I’ll have to write a bestseller to pay for his future therapy bills.

Confession from Lisa W. @

When my son sees advertisements for toys that he wants but doesn’t have, I tell him the stores are all closed so we cant go buy them. He’s 3, so right now this works even in the middle of the day.

Grandpa taught my son to say “Eat a piece of poop” which wouldn’t be the worst thing, except he says it ALL THE TIME. So to get him to stop saying it, we threaten to punish Grandpa every time he says it. Grandpa is his best friend so this is way more effective than punishing my son.

Sometimes when my son has too much energy and is driving me nuts, I will fill the bathtub and just let him sit and play in the water, while i sit on the bathroom floor and work. Its the only way I can get any work done some days. There have been times he’s ended up having 2 “baths” a day, one real bath and one “mommy sanity” bath.

Emmanuelle @
I have 4 kids.  When they are too active and I don’t want them to get more sugar, I tell them that my hot chocolate is just plain yukky coffee!  Same thing when I get a alcohol-free cocktail, I tell them there is alcohol inside!

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36 Comments on “Real Mom Confessions Volume 2 About Kids, Parenting, and Being a Mom”

  1. Haha!! So funny, and so true! My son is 17-months-old, and loves YouTube! Sometimes it’s the only way to get things done around the house, or to get a bit of a break.

  2. These were all too funny and totally relatable 😀 I loved “the people’s house” bit…I’m going to steal that one! Thank you for including me in your post!

  3. OMG I can’t take it. Too funny, especially because I use so many of these. If we can’t laugh at ourselves whocan we laugh at? Thank you for reminding me I’m normal!

  4. Oh my gosh, these are so funny. I love the mommy who said “people would say your going to miss her….honestly I did not.” Haha that would be me. What am I kidding, I probably would cry the whole time. Love these confessions!

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