Lovies for Your Baby: What You Need To Know

Lovies for Your Baby

What exactly IS a “lovie” you may ask. I had never heard of them before becoming a mom. “Lovies” is a small, soft piece of cloth attached to a plush animal head. They are ideal for smaller babies who cant sleep with blankets or stuffed animals. I thought they were kind of strange so I didn’t get one for my son.

However, he was gifted one from a family friend, and I swear it was love at first sight. “Bun Bun” as he came to be known in our family, was a white bunny that was so incredibly soft. My son was inseparable from it from day one.

Below, I’ll introduce you to my son and his lovie, give you some reasons why your child needs one of their own, and some things you need to know.

Meet Bun-Bun

Love at First Sight

Best Friends

Play Together

Sleep Buddies

Partners in Crime

Here are the reasons your child needs a lovie:

  1. They are soft and cuddly –

    Babies need that comfort, but safe sleep guidelines require that they not have anything in bed with them until they are much older.

  2. They are a comfort –

    Bun-Bun has become a huge source of comfort for my child. When he’s tired or upset, he immediately looks for his bunny friend. Having an additional comfort item was instrumental in breaking my son of his bottle and pacifier addictions.

  3. They travel easily –

    Another huge benefit to lovies is that they are small, and fit easily in a diaper bag of even a purse. So when they go everywhere with you, you aren’t fighting to cram a giant plush bear into your bag.

What You Need to Know

  1. Buy More Than One –

    Once your child becomes attached to a specific lovie, you will want to buy a duplicate. Actually, if you are smart, you’ll buy several.

    My son’s lovie, it turns out, is discontinued. Luckily, I bought a backup before they became impossible to find.

    Why do you need at least one backup? Well, if it ever gets lost, damaged, or dirty, it will be a life-saver to have an extra on hand. TRUST ME.

  2. Switch Them Out Frequently –

    To avoid the dreaded issue of your child being able to recognize the original from the duplicate, I recommend switching them out frequently. That way one will not look brand new, while the original has that “more loved” look.

  3. Wash the Lovies Often –

    Because they will go everywhere with your child, you will want to wash them often. They will get gross. Baby grime and general dirt and dust will accumulate. That is my only complaint about Bun-Bun. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make a lovie white CLEARLY never had children of their own. Its been a struggle to keep that Bunny looking so fresh and so clean.

  4. ALWAYS Keep Track of Them –

    Losing a lovie can be the toddler equivalent of a death in the family. After all, it becomes their best friend. So you always want to make sure to keep track of where the lovie is. If they take it into a store or restaurant, which I don’t recommend, but sometimes cant be helped, you never want to leave them behind. Same goes for traveling.

  5. Be Prepared for Attachment –

    Yours, not theirs. In a weird way, you will also form an attachment to their beloved toy. Its a hormonal mom thing. Maybe not everyone experiences this, but if you are like me, and cry every time you watch the end of Toy Story 3, you will.

    It will remind you of when they were just small. It will make you nostalgic. And you’ll dread the day when they outgrow their childhood best friend.

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15 Comments on “Lovies for Your Baby: What You Need To Know”

    1. Aww! I love toddler words. “baket” is so cute! My son is three and speaks pretty well, but still has a few words he says wrong that I just love. For example, its not “seven”, its “seben”. Or instead of “t.v.” its the “t.b.”

  1. It’s the sweetest thing when you watch your little one grab their lovie with both hands, bring it up to their face and snuggle it. At such a young age they seek that comfort. My little peanut has one of those ‘taggies’ that’s an elephant with a soft blanket like body. I’m already planning on getting two more to store in my closet as backup!

    1. Yes! Backups are a must! I seriously had an anxiety attack when I found out ours was discontinued. Even though we have two already. I keep thinking about all the what-ifs and how devastated my son would be without it. If I ever have another child, I am buying like 50 backups (ok that’s an exaggeration, but I will have more than one backup for sure)

  2. We got three of these for our shower. My son will not take to them, I wish that he would he won’t take to any blankets or pillows. I feel like it would be a nice soothing mechanism maybe will try again with them.

    1. My son didn’t get his until he was maybe 5ish months old. I have a family member who got several for her shower, but her son didn’t take to one until he was older, and he only likes one out of the group.

  3. My 3 kids each have something else as their comfort item. My middle has a lovie, we call him Ellie, it’s an elephant, he says it’s his best friend. Ellie has been through surgeries and tests. Great post!

    1. Thank you. Its interesting to see what kids get attached to. Some kids have a blanket or a toy. My son has other plush animals that he likes, but Bun Bun has been a constant since he was an infant. Whatever helps them feel secure is good in my book.

  4. None of my kids ever had a lovie, but there are many times I wish they had! Especially my youngest! She has been breastfed since birth and my boob has become her lovie!

    1. That happens a lot I think. My son was bottle-fed. Breaking the bottle was a nightmare. But he still had a pacifier and his lovie. Then the pacifier had to go. Thank heaven for that lovie! As far as I am concerned, he can keep that forever if he wants it!

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