Launch Day! 3…2…1… Welcome!


This is the launch for my new blog, Me and My Mom Friends.

The goal here is to share knowledge with other ladies regarding being a mom, a wife, and all around super heroine (because that’s what we are!).

This is hopefully going to make life easier. Some of us have excellent support systems with knowledge in everything and anything. Some of us have nobody, and are winging it day to day. Let’s be honest, we are all winging it. These tiny humans did NOT come with an instruction manual and no two are the same. So I will be sharing things I have picked up along the way, usually from moms who are much more seasoned than me, and hope to pay it forward. I would’ve never made it this far without my mom friends.

So here’s hoping I can pass on some of that to you:  A little help…from me and my mom friends.

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