Facebook Mommy Groups…The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy

facebook mom groups

Let’s talk about Facebook Mommy Groups! They are everywhere. There are many to choose from. Every mom I know has one, or two, or several that they follow. So what kind of groups are out there? Should you join one? Which is the best fit for you? Lets run them down, and see the good, the bad, and the crazy.

The Support Group

facebook mom groups support

These groups can fall into all categories. These are typically groups geared toward support and helping other moms. Often even commiserating over the pit falls of motherhood, and even marriage. Sounds fabulous, right?  Who couldn’t use some advice from time to time, or someone to listen to them gripe about their spastic kids?

Beware with these types of groups. Women can sometimes get catty, and really nasty toward each other. Sometimes the mom-bashing in these groups can become overwhelming and hurt more than help. Make sure you choose wisely.

I got lucky. I somehow ended up in an AMAZING group of moms. There are over 4000 members from all over the country and even the world. Many of the moms, however, are local to Michigan, which is a huge bonus. The admin of the group is an awesome mom to three boys, and she does an excellent job keeping the drama out of the group. These women, though I have only ever met a few of them face to face, have become my support system. There is never any judgement. Everyone is very helpful. I truly feel like these women have my back, and I have theirs. This is how it should be. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. ( Seriously, thank you ladies. I’d be lost without you – Ain’t No Hood Like Mommyhood)

The Meet-up Group


These are really nice for anyone who doesn’t have any friends with kids, or whose friends work when they are home, or anyone new to an area, etc. I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and my friends either moved away, don’t have children, or they work. So I decided to start one of these groups. It is based in Michigan. I am in Macomb County, but we have grown to have moms from all over the state. Its a simple format. Anyone in the group can plan events. They can be anything from play dates, to moms night out, to family events. It can be a formal event or something as simple as a last minute post that states where you will be that day in case anyone wants to join.

Being an admin can be difficult and occasionally frustrating. Sometimes events get planned and nobody shows up. Sometimes there are a million moms interested in an activity, but cant commit ahead of time. There are challenges. However, this group has given me some of the best mom friends I have. I went from having nobody, to have a wonderful base of friends in my area with kids of similar ages.

It also serves as a way to share events local to us. We are always looking for activities and new things to try or places to explore. I highly recommend finding a group like this if you are looking for ways to meet other moms or discover cool things to do in your area.

This is the link to mine for anyone who may be interested that lives in Michigan: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1191771310861157/

The Swap Group

Facebook Mom Group swap and sell

I have had a lot of luck with these Mom-based swap sites. They can be hit or miss, like any swap page, but I have found that generally they work out pretty well for both buying or selling items.

I prefer swap groups to things like Craigslist because there is more information available regarding who you will be meeting with. As always, I urge people to use caution and common sense when utilizing these resources. I recommend not going to a swap alone, and meeting in a well-lit, public place. A lot of police stations now offer designated areas in their parking lots for such things.

Other Groups

Honestly, you can find groups for anything these days. I’m sure you will be added to many of them, sometimes without your knowledge or even against your will. There are groups for losing weight, working out, healthy eating, recipes, make up, skin care, bags, books…pretty much any topic you can think of. Check them out, and follow what catches your interest. Don’t be  afraid to leave a group if its not for you. From my experience, nobody has gotten their feelings hurt.

Facebook Mom Groups Other

The Truth

I honestly went in to parenting thinking it would be pretty easy. I found out VERY QUICKLY that wasn’t the case. My mom groups have been a huge resource and asset to me. Everything from support, to advice, to tips and tricks on how to overcome different parenting obstacles, to making some lifelong friends has been so helpful that I am having trouble putting it into words. So don’t be afraid to join whichever group you feel will be best for you. We all need a little support sometimes.

Facebook Mom groups

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