DIY – Chalkboard Birthday Signs

A popular trend lately has been the chalkboard looking signs. You see these often for birthdays. When my son was turning a year old I wanted one for his party.

However, I wanted something more permanent that I could have as a keepsake. Not something that would be erased and reused. And I didn’t want to pay a fortune for it either. So I decided to make one myself.

DIY 1st Birthday Board

What You Need

Canvas – can be found at any store that sells craft supplies. I opted for a black canvas so it had the “chalkboard” look.

Paint Pens – can be purchased at craft supply stores. I believe I bought mine at Michaels. I got a multi-color set for around $5.

Straight Edge – any ruler, yard stick, or even a piece of cardboard can be used. Size needed will depend on the size of the sign you’re making.

How to Set it Up

This is the beauty of DIY. You can configure it any way you would like. Do what works for you. Pinterest is a great resource for examples.

When creating my son’s chalkboard sign, I started with his name in large block letters at the very top. Underneath that, I drew a banner with “My 1st Birthday” written in it.

You can include any info about your child that you want. Some things I included were:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Number of Teeth
  • Likes
  • Words Understood
  • Words Said
  • Things my son could do
  • Nicknames

You can get creative with it. If your child isn’t speaking yet, then you can add some favorite things instead. No teeth yet? Maybe add some favorite foods. Whatever describes your child and makes them special can go on the chalkboard sign.

Here is my son’s as an example of layout and content.

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