The Disadvantage of Having a Tall Toddler

As if having a toddler isn’t hard enough, sometimes we end up with tall toddlers. Children that are way larger than most other children their age. It will have some advantages. However, there can be some major disadvantages. My son is very tall for his age. His father is 6’6″ and I am 5’7″ so its in his genes. Right now at the age of 3, he is the size of some 5 year olds. Here are some of the things I’ve run into that are the disadvantage of having a tall toddler.

Nothing Ever Fits Right

This can be a huge disadvantage of a tall toddler. The sizes never seem to fit. For my son, who is a string bean, I have the hardest time finding pants that fit. If they fit his tiny waist, they end up being way too short. If i get the right length, they fall down to his ankles within 3 seconds of putting them on. I keep wishing they made baby clothes in tall sizes. (If anyone can sew and wants to collaborate on this, please contact me.)

I have found some solutions for this issue though. For one, I try to find jeans with an adjustable waist strap. This way I can size up for length, but cinch the waist so they don’t immediately fall off. For sweat pants or other breathable fabric pants, I have found that the Garanimals brand sold at Walmart works the best. The elastic in the waist is typically tighter, with more stretch, allowing to size up without falling off my son’s waist. I have also found a product on Amazon that is like a belt for small children. It’s called the Dapper Snapper and it threads through the belt loops of the pants (not all the way around, just through 2-3) and snaps to help cinch.

*Note – I have no affiliation with these brands or products. I just want to share what I have found to be helpful.

More Trouble Within Reach

Ahhh, I miss the good old days of being able to set things on my kitchen table, or counter tops, or atop of the dresser in my bedroom, and know that they were out of reach. Sadly, those days ended pretty much when my son started walking at 9 months. Because of his height, he could reach higher surfaces at a way younger age than most children. This was a huge disadvantage of having a tall toddler.

Not only did this mean that stowing things out of reach became impossible pretty quickly, but he also had access to things that I didn’t necessarily think to baby proof. I figured he would be tall, but never realized how fast he’d get that way. I had to quickly learn to be very careful about what I was leaving out.

Suddenly, while making dinner, I had to be very aware of where I set down knives or utensils. Once, I absentmindedly left a black dry erase marker on the kitchen table. Turned my back for 2 seconds, and had a new beautiful masterpiece scribbled on my white kitchen wall.

If you would like more tips on baby proofing your home, please click here.

The Judging Looks of Assuming Strangers

This disadvantage of having a tall toddler is one of the worst. When your child’s height doesn’t really match their age, people will automatically assume they are older. At the age of 18 months, my son was the size of most 3 year olds.

We would go places, like a zoo, or a children’s play place, and I would get questioned for trying to get the “Under Age 2” price for admission. Nobody believed this giant boy was only 1.5. I swear I considered carrying a copy of his birth certificate for a while.

When your 3 year old’s height is that of most 5 year olds, you will get a lot of looks when your child acts their age. People think because they are big, they are older, and more mature. If my son whines, or pouts, or acts up, or does anything every other 3 year old in the world does, we get judged. I’ve seen the looks. Usually, its from people without small children.

“Can’t she control her kid?”

“Isn’t he a little old to be acting like that?”

“Wow, he should know better!”

Thankfully, nobody has openly commented to me. I probably wouldn’t handle it well. But I see these thoughts in the looks they give. It makes me crazy and I just want to scream “HE’S FREAKIN’ THREE!” Its just another disadvantage of having a tall toddler.

Bottom Line

There can be some disadvantage to having a tall toddler. However, if you prepare yourself for the struggles and learn to tune out the judgement of others, you’ll barely notice. Because of my son’s height, we can do things with him like ice skating (because with the height comes big feet that fit into skates sooner). He has been able to help around the house more, and even become a little more independent faster than some other kids his age. My baby boy is tall, but I wouldn’t change that for the world.


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11 Comments on “The Disadvantage of Having a Tall Toddler”

  1. Aw ?. My daughter is tall too when compared to other kids. I know this due to the clothes she wears. She is 3 years old and I put clothes for 5 years old and older. I wouldn’t change it for the world. People have asked me, and with great pride I tell them her age and that I hope she is a volleybal player or something in sports ☺️

  2. Great post. My grandson is 2 1/2 and tall for his age. You’re right…people tend to expect more from him because they think he’s older. But he’s just so doggone cute they smile anyway! Thanks for sharing

  3. I found myself laughing and nodding my head to many of these. My son is tall for his age and I remember so many strangers commenting on him not walking when he was 9 months old. And how I miss being able to hide things on counters or shut doors to keep him out. Didn’t think these would be such an issue at 16 months!

  4. Lolll im not tall but found some of these funny especially trying to keep things out of reach and not being successful at it lolll. I guess one annoying thing will be when people think they are older than they are and should be doing certain things lol.

  5. I know how you feel. My husband is 6’2 and I’m on the shorter side. My 4 year old hit a major growth spurt and grew over 4 inches in a year. I always have trouble with the waist being too big on him but not enough in the length. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  6. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. My oldest was, and is, tall for his age. I used to hate going shopping for him, but thankfully it’s getting easier the older he gets.

    My middle little guy is tiny and it is so hard to find age appropriate clothes for him.

    Boys, I’m general, are already hard to shop for, but size definitely exacerbates the issue.

  7. Yes! My kids have always been tall for their ages (my husband is 6’5) so I can relate to all of these! Now my daughter is 13 and it’s really hard to find appropriate clothes for her age and height ?

  8. My son is just over 2 and picked up the binky at 17 months. I plan on ditching it soon but i get sooo many looks and comments about his binky because he looks like a four year old. Wish people would mind their own business. I’ve dealt with the other stuff but people expecting more for his age is really what bothers me the most.

  9. Any parenting tips for my 94th percentile for height toddler? Shes two and weighs 50 pounds. Some issues we are facing, hard to find fitting diapers that fit. I think she outgrew her crib, as shes dosent sleep soundly through the night anymore, actually just last week she got her foot stuck. She still of course wants to be carried all the time.

    Any solutions on these challenges or other challenges that you have faced would be great.

    Ill start…
    P: Your oversized child is doing something age appropriately acceptable (melt down, bottle, soother..) But others are judging you…
    S: The best solution i have faced to date is not to care. No matter what challeges you face, remember that its okay for your child to be doing these things. That you are responsible for ensuring they have the best childhood available, and that they only get to this age for so long and they have every right to enjoy it no matter how old they appear.

    1. The diaper thing is a challenge. My son is tall but super thin so we haven’t quite hit the limit on diapers yet but I’m scrambling to potty train him before we do. I had to move my son to an actual bed at the age of 2 because he was just too big for the crib and it was hurting his sleep. I put him in a full bed with a toddler rail and he did great. That may help your daughter sleep.

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