Confessions From Real Moms Volume 3!

Confessions from Real Moms

Back by popular demand, Me and My Mom Friends brings you another edition of Confessions from Real Moms about Kids, Parenting, and Being a Mom. Here for your enjoyment, I present:

Mom Confessions Volume 3!

Confession from Jennifer @

I hide my favorite food behind everything in the fridge so that my daughter AND my husband cannot find them!

Confession from Jaime at

Yesterday my kids spilled an entire container of Puffs baby snacks all over the floor. I was too tired to clean it up so I let them and the dog eat them off the floor!

Confession from Angela @PaleoMomofTwo

I am guilty of playing Hide N’ Seek with my two toddlers, so I can go hide with my morning coffee and have a few moments of peace.

Confession from Lindsay @

When I need a little boost to get me through a particularly rough day, I add Red Bull to my diffuser.

Confessions from Sarah @

Sometimes, I say I need to go potty. But really, I just eat sweet treats in my bathroom. Because I don’t want to share.

I make my kids help me clean the house in a hurry because we are expecting company, and then when we are done, our expected guests need to reschedule.

Confessions from Michelle P @

I must confess…Daniel Tigers Neighborhood has been a life saver for me. I’m not big on having my kids ( 2 year old and 11 month old) hooked on TV but I do have it playing throughout the day when I need a break or nap (mind you I am pregnant). Whatever it takes to get a break in a 24/hr day as a stay-at-home mom.

Also, when my husband gets home from work, if I need quiet time, I tell him I need to shower and take a good 30+ mins (that’s going through social media, showering & giving myself time to sing in the shower)… Hahaha!

Confession from Raina @

My confession is this… I will say I’m going to take a real quick bath when in truth I’m taking at least a 30-45 minute soak. I shut the door and ignore my husband (unless the baby is screaming bloody murder). I have to use this little fib to get some me time to relax. Having a baby is hard work in addition to working. Some days if I didn’t hide away and take this time to relax I would lose it. This is my way to hide and relax even on the days I may only get 20 minutes. I may have to rework it once the baby becomes older and can open the door (there’s no lock on it… yet).

Confession from Kirsten W. @

If I buy candy (specifically Dove chocolates, which are my favorite) I will get an extra bag just for me and hide it. I have to make sure that they don’t see me buying that extra bag too.

Confessions from Lisa W. @

On Friday, I made spaghetti. My son normally likes spaghetti, but he’s in a picky-eating phase. Well, I had a box sitting on the kitchen counter that was casting an unusual shadow on the wall. My toddler spotted it and asked what it was. I told him it was the “Spaghetti Monster” and it was going to get him if he didn’t eat his spaghetti. IT WORKED. I’m not even sorry because he ate his dinner without a fight.

On more than one occasion, I have lied to my son and told him we were out of whatever sweet treat he was asking for (like a sucker, or fruit snacks) and offered him something healthier instead. He always agrees. I hope he never notice’s the Sam’s Club sized box of fruit snacks or suckers in the pantry!

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If you’d like to see more editions of this series, let me know in the comments below.

You can submit your own Mom Confession to me via email to [email protected] to be included in future posts.  Thanks for reading!


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40 Comments on “Confessions From Real Moms Volume 3!”

  1. It’s the lies that save us! I’m gonna be so bummed when my kids start to tell time because it’s 7:30pm and I tell them it’s bedtime because it’s super late!!

    1. Haha yeah I use the time trick all the time. Or we tell my son its 5:00 because that’s what time Grandpa usually leaves. So if he has to leave early for some reason “Oh sorry bud, its 5:00 and Grandpa has to go home and make dinner” haha

  2. These are hilarious but definitely show the REAL side of motherhood. I don’t have kids and have done the whole “hide the treats in the back of the freezer ” trick too!

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