Buy Something for Yourself: A How-To Guide for Moms

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How to Buy Something for Yourself When You’re a Mom

I am a mom and a wife. I stay home with my son. This means I spend my time, taking care of everyone in my family. I do the grocery shopping and make sure everyone has something to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also make sure everyone has clothes, shoes, and coats. Basically, I make sure everyone in my home has everything they need. The one person that gets overlooked is me. I never spend money on myself. I try to live frugally, and that means major mom guilt if I spend on myself, so I just don’t. My birthday just passed and I was given some cash from family members and instructed to buy something for myself. Now I am having major anxiety over what to spend the money on. It’s hard to get passed that mom instinct to take care of the family first. Many of my mom friends have experienced this, too. Here’s how to buy something for yourself when you are a mom.

Make a List of Needs and Wants

Since I haven’t bought myself anything since my last birthday, I find it is helpful to make a list of things that I need and things that I want. I break it down by those designations, too. That way, when you buy something for yourself, it wont just be a splurge that you end up regretting.

Decide Your Priority

Are there things on your lists that you need or want that you’ve been wanting for a long time? Is there something that you otherwise won’t buy for yourself? When you buy something for yourself, you want it to be something you otherwise wouldn’t get. Maybe its an item that you want for Mother’s Day or your birthday that you know nobody else would think to buy you.

Do Some Research

Once you have your eye on something, shop around. I spend some time online doing comparison shopping to find the best deal. The better the deal is, the less mom guilt I have. Also, this will help you stretch your money farther, and maybe get yourself multiple items. Always check both retail stores, and online retailers. The best deal can vary.

Go Alone

If you decide to go to a store, or stores, go alone, or maybe with a friend. If you go without your kids in tow you will be able to focus on yourself instead of worrying about what the kids are getting into, who is going to throw a fit because they missed nap time, or accidentally caving and buying that toy they are begging for. You will actually be able to buy something for yourself when you are free of distraction.

Be Flexible

Maybe you went out knowing exactly what you wanted. Once you got to the store, you found something else. Something you like better or that is a better deal. Go for it. Buy something for yourself that makes you feel good. You don’t get to do this all the time so go for what makes you happy.

Have Fun

Have fun with the process of spoiling yourself for once. You deserve it, momma. You have earned it with how well you care for your family. Spoil yourself and enjoy it while you can!



Its really important for moms to take care of themselves sometimes, too. You can read my thoughts on that HERE.

What is the last thing you bought for yourself, moms? Or what is on your wish-list? Leave them in the comments below!





moms, shopping, self-care, spending, buying

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8 Comments on “Buy Something for Yourself: A How-To Guide for Moms”

  1. Buying things for yourself is hard, and I loved what you said about being flexible. When I do shop for myself, I often end up buying something other than what I went in for – my policy is often, if I feel like I LOVE it, that is what I buy!

  2. I totally agree with this, i love how you said research first and go alone so you have time to really enjoy the experience and process it. Althought surprisingly, i love going with hubby i guess because i hate shopping, but when it comes to online shopping, that i will do alone loll

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