Break Out – Escape Room, Warren, Michigan

If you are looking for a different date night idea with your significant other, or even something fun for mom’s night out, I recommend trying an escape room.

Dinner and a movie is great on occasion, but can get stale pretty quickly. My husband and I don’t get out very frequently, so when we do, we like to try new things and find fun ways to spend our time together.

There are several options for an escape room local to Metro Detroit. The one we checked out was Break Out in Warren, Michigan.


7300 Miller Dr. Warren, MI

Located east of Van Dyke, and south of 14 Mile Rd. in Warren

Our Experience

We decided to go here on a whim. We had a last minute babysitter on a Saturday night, which is a rare occurrence for us. My husband was on the internet looking for something for us to do, and he came across a Groupon for this. He called and booked a spot for the two of us at this escape room.

We got there and we were with another group of maybe 8 people whom we did not know. When you first arrive, you sit in a conference type of room and once everyone is there, they play a short video explaining the story of the room you have chosen. We did the Zombie Outbreak room, which we later learned has the highest fail rate of the 3 rooms they offer.

After the video, an employee comes in and runs through the rules of the game. Then, they will walk you to the door of the escape room and let you in.  Now what you will have to do inside is obviously going to differ by room. The overall idea of it is that you have to search the room and find clues and solve puzzles to escape. The puzzles range from word puzzles, to numerical codes, and other cognitive type of obstacles. If you hate puzzles, this isn’t for you.

Once you are in the room, you have an hour to figure out how to get out. In our room, we had to find a number of keys. At first, the experience was kind of strange because the group we were with all knew each other and my husband and I were the odd ones out, so to speak. However, once everyone got to work searching and finding clues, we quickly found ourselves working together to figure things out. It was actually really fun. As mentioned, this room has the highest fail rate, but we were so close to escaping. If we’d have had another couple of minutes, we’d have had it in the bag.

If you enjoy being active, and thinking outside the box, and solving puzzles, this is a great activity to try. It was great as a date night, but would have also been really fun with a group. We had a really great experience at Break Out Escape Room and are actually looking forward to going back and trying another room.




  • Affordability
  • Fun
  • Uniqueness
  • Date Night Potenital
  • Group Activity
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