Affordable Toddler Activity – Rock Painting

Affordable Toddler Activity

Rock painting is one of my favorite things to do with my son. We find some rocks and paint them! Sounds simple, right? Well, it is just that simple. Its a great activity to encourage creativity and even sensory play. Toddlers will love it!


In your own home! That is the great part about this: you can do it at home. I recommend doing this outside in the warmer months, but if you’re brave enough it can even be done indoors.

What You Need
  • Old Clothes or a Smock
  • A Cheap Table Cloth (Dollar Stores for the win!)
  • Toddler Safe Paint (Can be purchased many places, I went to Walmart, because that’s where I found the best deal.)
  • Toddler Friendly Paint Brushes (Also can be found most places. Mine were from Walmart.)
  • Paper Plates
  • Plastic Cups
  • Rocks (Can be purchased or found. We live in Michigan and enjoy taking a day trip to some of the rockier beaches nearby to find ours)

How to Set Up
  • Lay the table cloth down on the area where your child will be painting. We do ours outside, so I cover our patio table with it. You may want to have some tape handy to secure in case its a breezy day.
  • Put some blobs of different colored paint on the paper plates.
  • Fill the plastic cups with some water and put the brushed in the water.
  • Set the rocks out to paint.
Tips and Tricks
  • If you do this outside on a warm day, the kids can wash paint off with the hose. Otherwise, I recommend keeping some baby wipes or pare towel close by.
  • Clean up is fairly easy. You can simply dump the water from the cups and toss the disposable plates, cups, and even table cloth if needed.
  • If you want the paint to last on your child’s rock, I recommend a clear coat of spray paint to seal in the color. Most child friendly paints are washable, so if the rock ever gets wet, the paint will come off. The clear coat will protect it.
Other Things to Know
  • The rocks make nice gifts for things like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and Grandparents will be certain to love them, too.
  • This is a fun one on one activity to do with your child or children.
  • A rock painting party also makes for a fun play date with children of similar ages.

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