About Me

Hello, Everyone. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Lisa, and I am a 32 year old, married, stay-at-home-mom to a crazy, wild, energetic 3 year old boy. I live in the Metro Detroit area. I am also the admin of the Facebook Group “Moms Seeking Mom Friends – Michigan”.

I worked in Customer Service for my entire life until my son was born in December of 2014. Let me tell you, 15 years of trying to assist angry customers is enough for ANY one lifetime. So now I mostly just mom all day long. And wife, of course.

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil and have always loved it. But as any mom knows, things get hectic and life happens and there is just never enough time. I decided to start a blog for a couple of reasons.

Number 1 – Selfishly, it gives me something to do other than cook, clean, fold laundry, and change diapers.  It will help me develop and sharpen some rather rusty writing skills.

Number 2 – In the 3 years now that I have managed to keep a tiny human alive, an entire house from burning down, and a husband relatively sane, I have acquired some knowledge. And if I can help make life easier for even one other person, then my work here is done.

So that’s my ultimate goal. To make life easier. Some of us have excellent support systems with knowledge in everything and anything. Some of us have nobody, and are winging it day to day. Let’s be honest, we are all winging it. These tiny humans did NOT come with an instruction manual and no two are the same. So I will be sharing things I have picked up along the way, usually from moms who are much more seasoned than me, and hope to pay it forward. I would’ve never made it this far without my mom friends.

So here’s hoping I can pass on some of that to you. A little help…from me and my mom friends.

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