9 Things You Need on Your Baby Registry

Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming, especially for a first-time parent. The stores are filled with items from top to bottom. So how much of that will you really need? Check out these 9 things you will want to have on your baby registry.

9 Must-Have items for baby registry


#1 – Your Big Stuff

Many places that offer a baby registry will also do a completion bonus for the mom-to-be. Typically, this will be a number of weeks after your shower, and will involve some kind of discount or percentage of credit to use toward the remaining unpurchased items. For this reason, I always recommend putting your bigger items on the registry. You never know when some of your guests may chip in to purchase a larger item, and if they don’t, it will count toward the incentive offered at the end.

Big items can include your crib, dresser, changing table, bassinet, stroller, and car seats.

#2 – Bath Time

The must-have bath time items will include an infant tub and possible a bath seat for when baby gets a little larger, plenty of hooded towels, lots of soft baby wash cloths, and a grooming kit of your choosing. I recommend a kit that includes brush, comb, nail clippers, nail file, nasal aspirator, and thermometer, and anything else you can find.

#3 – Bed Time

You will want to include at least 2-3 crib sheets on your baby registry. Babies pee and spit up and you don’t want to be up half the night washing your baby’s only crib sheet. You may want to add a breathable mesh bumper for the crib. This will come in handy when your baby begins moving around. Otherwise they can get their little limbs stuck between the crib bars. You will want lots of receiving blankets. Again, with spit up and drool, you will go through them. Another item I strongly recommend is a swaddle. There are many brands, but these are basically baby straight jackets. It may sound cruel, but your baby will love to feel confined when they are a newborn. This will typically help them sleep better as well.

#4 – Feeding

You will want to do some research on bottles. There are a ton of varieties out there. I recommend not buying a ton of bottles until after baby is born. Some infants wont take certain bottles. You can still register for what you think may work best, but I wouldn’t open them until you know for sure. You will also want a nice set of bottle and nipple brushes and a drying rack for your bottles. Add tons of burp cloths or cloth diapers to your baby registry. With babies, spit happens and you will need them. You may also want to register for a few baby bowls and spoons. Food may be a ways off, but you will be amazed at how fast the time goes by.



#5 – Mom Gear

Two things I strongly recommend adding to your registry are a nursing pillow and a baby carrier. Even if you don’t plan to nurse, those pillows come in handy. They are great for helping tired mom arms hold baby for 3 a.m. feedings, for tummy time, and even helping baby sit up when the time comes. As for the baby carrier, I never pictured myself as a baby-wearing mom. That is, until I has a fussy baby who only wanted to be held and I wasn’t getting anything done. These can come in handy especially if you are planning on more than one child. It is much easier to chase a toddler while baby is held secure to your body and your hands are free.

#6 – Electronics

You will want a good monitor on your baby registry. They come from the basic just sound to video and a million other features. I suggest doing some research and reading reviews on different brands to make sure you find one that’s reliable and will last. You will also want a sound machine/soother on your list. White noise helps babies and even toddlers sleep. This is another area where you need to do your homework and read reviews.

#7 – Potty Time

I highly suggest registering for diapers, and maybe even doing a diaper raffle at your baby shower. I didn’t have to buy diapers for a good 6 months after my son was born and it was a huge money saver. You may also want to include baby wipes and butt cream on your list.

#8 – Clothing

If you are going to include clothing on your baby registry, I recommend onesies and socks. Also footed pajamas are excellent. You honestly wont need much more than that. See my post on the things you don’t need for more info on that.

#9 – Baby Playtime

Your baby wont be mobile for the first few months of their life. That being said, you will still need places to put the baby where they can have some stimulation. You may want a swing, a bouncer, and/or a rock and play. I recommend a baby play mat, sometimes called a baby gym, for tummy and floor time. The last thing that came in very handy for me was the pack n play. I used mine until my son outgrew it. Its portable and can easily be transported places. It will keep your child safe and contained. I would definitely include this on your baby registry.

Those are my must-have items on any baby registry. Hopefully this will help make things a little easier for you.

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