Top 5 Tips for Your Family Theme Park Vacation

Hey Everyone! Today at Me and My Mom Friends, we are featuring a guest post from blogger Taryn! I am super excited for you to meet her and I hope you all check out her page at Without further ado, here is her post with tips for your family theme park vacation!


Top 5 Tips for Your Family Theme Park Vacation

Hello!  I am so excited to be writing a post for Me and My Mom Friends today!  My name is Taryn and I am one of the owners of  Our blog is a family blog that focuses mostly on our family travels.  Most of these travels are to theme parks (because that’s what we REALLY love)!  Today I would like to share with you my top 5 tips for your family theme park vacation!

Tip #1:  Check Out the Park Website BEFORE You Go

Checking out the park website is a major must do for your family theme park vacation.  I use the website to plan out where we might want to eat, what the popular attractions are, and what types of shows or special events are happening during the time we will be visiting.  Of course, park hours and parking information are also important pieces of information to check out ahead of time!

Most theme parks have their park maps available on their websites as well.  We always make sure before going to a theme park that we check out their park maps. This helps us get an idea of how the park is set up and where the popular attractions are that we want to go to.  This also goes along with tip #2.

Tip #2:  Get on the Most Popular Rides First

A great idea is to research ahead of time what attractions are the most popular, decide if you want to do them, and make a plan to get to them first thing.  Even though a lot of other people will probably be doing the same thing, the line is only going to get longer as the day goes on.


Tip #3:  Bring Bottled Water with You

Bottled water is usually $3-4 a bottle nowadays at theme parks.  Staying hydrated is VERY important when you are visiting a theme park (especially if it’s warm outside).  If my family were to buy 3 bottles each at the park we would be paying over $30 in just water.  So, we freeze bottled waters and put them into our park bag to take with us.  Most theme parks will allow bottled water into the park.  We buy a 24-pack of bottled water at the grocery store for $3.99 and that saves us a LOT of money!

On our first trip to Disney World we didn’t realize this.  We walked in the hot Florida weather all day long and that night we had the WORST stomach cramps ever.  Our mouths were dry and we felt awful.  We were severely dehydrated!  After that night we went and bought bottled water and never looked back!


Tip #4:  Eat BEFORE Main Meal Times

When you are at a theme park the last thing you want to do is wait in a long line for your food.  We have found out that eating before the main meal times can save you a LOT of time.  We try to eat a small breakfast before heading out to the park and then we eat a big early lunch around 11am.  In the evening if we are hungry we will grab something small around 4:30pm and then we can snack later on if we are still hungry.

This is the same for main restaurants (like at Disney).  They are the busiest between 12-2pm for lunch and 5-7pm for dinner.  Stay away from those dining times unless you want to be waiting forever!  Sometimes it’s nice to sit and relax…  but waiting around for nothing isn’t the best use of my time when I’m at a theme park!

Tip #5:  Make Memories with Your Family

This might seem obvious, but when you are into planning your vacation you sometimes forget about the most important part.  My top tip for your family theme park vacation is to relax and enjoy each other.  Things probably will go wrong and that’s okay.  If you can’t get on that popular ride, go to a show you didn’t plan on seeing.  When it’s raining outside, go browse the specialty shops for a while.  If the kids are cranky, find a spot where they can just run around and play.  Take lots of pictures.  Enjoy the moment.  Make memories with each other.  These will be the moments you look back on and remember.


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  1. #5 should be obvious, but when we were at Disney recently, I was Shocked by how many families I saw Arguing and bickering! Like they forgot why they were there. So sad!

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